ISM Annual Membership Vote

Cast your ballot for the proposed merger of Institute for Supply Management NY, Inc. (ISM-NY) with Institute for Supply Management AZ, Inc. (ISM-AZ). The merger is proposed to improve efficiency and effectiveness of ISM’s operations. The mission, purpose, chapter structure and membership remain the same. Voting information will be emailed to all eligible ISM members during the last week of June and will be available on the ISM website June 29.

Notice of ISM Annual Membership Meeting

Notice is given that the Institute for Supply Management, Inc. (ISM) Annual Membership Meeting will be held on August 12, 2020, at 8:30 a.m. MST in Tempe, AZ.

ISM Mastery Model® Assessment

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Supply management is transforming, job roles are evolving and the skills required are becoming more advanced. Is your organization prepared for the shift? Enable your leaders to develop a strategic talent roadmap by identifying where strengths and skill gaps currently exist.

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ISM is globally recognized for its highly regarded certification programs. Supply management professionals and organizations have relied on ISM to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to stay current in a fast-moving industry.

Online Learning

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Furthering your supply management career shouldn’t disrupt your work-life balance. eISM lets professionals like you choose from countless self-paced or instructor-led online courses to help you master your craft—and we focus on growth recommendations tailor made for you.


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ISM membership gives you access to exclusive supply management industry analytics, educational content, publications and networking opportunities. Our members and affiliate organizations span the globe, and our flagship live events feature companies on the cutting edge of supply management. Access over 100 years of trusted expertise. Become an ISM member today.