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Talent Assessment

Do you have a clear understanding of the talent that currently exists within your supply management organization? Are they prepared for the changing landscape and next generation of supply management functions? As you seek to enhance your operational efficiencies and remain competitive, providing essential training and resources to your team is critical to the success of your organization.

Outcomes Matter. ISM Mastery Model® Can Help.

The Mastery Model is a comprehensive set of competency-based standards for high-performing supply management practitioners worldwide. It is comprised of 16 core competencies and more than 70 sub-competencies. It defines anticipated skill levels at four stages of career maturity:


Basic & Fundamental Knowledge


Possesses Knowledge & Skill


Proficient, Knowledgeable,


Strategic, Forward-Thinking,
Results Focused

Ensure your organization and team achieves proficiencies and expertise in today’s evolving supply management profession.

ISM Mastery Model® Assessment – Evaluate Your Team’s Expertise

ISM developed the Mastery Model Assessment to benchmark your team’s understanding of essential supply management skills against your organization's targeted standard. The assessment is designed to evaluate each designated employee in their specific role within your organization and help to identify gaps in core competencies. Gauge your team’s level of proficiency from fundamental to mastery and gain insights needed to build a professional development plan to positively impact your organization.

How it Works

ISM will deliver the assessment using a web-based questionnaire to generate a comprehensive picture of individual skill sets aligned to specific job roles.

Mastery Model Assessment On-Demand Webinar Now Available

Watch now to learn how you can close competency gaps and develop your team for the future.



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