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About the ISM Professional Groups & Forums


ISM Groups are composed of members with common interests for education and networking in various topics. Group membership is open to all ISM Regular and Direct members.

Indirect/Services — Supply management professionals involved in the procurement of services and indirect materials. Promotes a focus on providing best practices information to its members.

Materials Management Group — Promotes the proper utilization of the management of materials and services in the corporate structure through training, education and professional promotion.

Supply Chain Risk Management Group — Promotes increased understanding of the importance of risk management in supply chain management, and provides information on approaches and techniques to assist supply chain professionals improve their ability to manage risk.



ISM Forums are composed of members who are employed in a specific sector and come together for the sole purpose of exchanging information and ideas about supply management in that specific sector. Forum membership is limited.

Pharmaceutical Forum — Composed of members having supply management responsibility within the research-based pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Utility Purchasing Management Group — Officers, managers and employees of gas and electric utilities who are directly involved in the supply chain.


Consider the benefits of belonging to one of ISM's Professional Groups or Forums. Complete the enrollment form and return it to ISM. You will be added to the membership roster of the Group or Forum of your choice.

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